Regular Share Fees

Membership Fee $1.00
Transfer Fee $5.00/3 Transfers Per Month
Excessive Withdrawal Fee $1.00/withdrawal after 3

Account Fees

NSF Fee $32.00/Item
Returned Item Fee $28.00/Item
Stop Payment Fee $25.00/Request
Check Printing Fee Prices may vary depending on style
Request Copy Check Fee $3.00/check
Statement Fee(waived if over $5,000 in accts. $2.00/Statement
Request Checks Back Fee $0.04/Check
Transfer Fee $5.00/Transfer to cover a NSF check

Other Service Fees

Account Reconciliation $15.00/Hour ($10.00 minimum)
Domestic Wire Transfers (Incoming & Outgoing) $15.00/transfer
Incorrect Address Fee $4.00/Returned piece of mail
Dormant Account Fee $5.00/Month (charged after 6 yrs.)
Account Closure Fee $25.00/Account closed within 60 days
Card Replacement Fee $7.50/Card
Pin Reissue Fee $3.00/Pin